Toms Launches Marketplace for Socially Conscious Goods

Toms, the socially conscious brand that donates shoes or provides eye care for each pair of shoes or sunglasses that it sells, launched an online marketplace on Tuesday
The offshoot, Toms Marketplace, carries more than 200 products from 30 different …

Bill Gates Believes Human Health Is More Important Than Tech



With Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on the way out, some have wondered if the company’s co-founder, Bill Gates, might be interested in returning to his role as head honcho. But if a new interview is any indication, Gates thinks there are things far more important than tech that deserve his attention.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Financial Times, which focused primarily on his work to bring health aid to the world’s impoverished regions, Gates offers a glimpse into how much his views have changed regarding the importance of technology in our lives Read more…

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The 36 Rules of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

#21: “Social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Make traditional media and social work together.”
Happy New year! Here’s a great infographic to refresh everybody’s memory of our brave new world’s rules of the road. Most of it head-nodding stuff but the piece is actually worth pinning to your wall.

Why Major News Outlets Must Cohabit With Citizen Journalism #Interview

It was at that same event I was told I was personally destroying journalism and someone called me a malevolent capitalist. I kinda liked the malevolent thing, though it’s the opposite of what I think. Demotix began precisely because I was interested in actively benevolent business. We come at the world with a very deliberate free speech agenda. And business is helping us spread that agenda globally.

“Social Media Marketing”: Technique or Philosophy? #Interview

So what is ‘social media marketing’? The term itself is still in the works in my opinion. But the necessity for businesses to adapt their approach and positioning to the marketing demands of this brave new world is here for certain. This was the subject I recently chatted about with Pelin Thorogood aka @PelinT, newly appointed CMO at Anametrix a digital analytics company in San Diego, CA.

Social Networks And The American Automobile Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

As many social networks as there are, there is still heaps of room for innovation. With technology evolving in allowing users to develop new habits in using social networks, dreams can run wild about we’ll see in the future. But what will happen of the dozens networks that exist today? Will their number keep growing indefinitely?

SloMo: The Secret Fuel of Social Media

It is then like stretching and slowing down time; where you once had the choice between as-it-happens-live-no-rehearsing and reflected-daunting-blow-by-blow communication means; we now have an a-la-carte, always-on, on our terms opportunities to communicate, connect and create new relationships.