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10 Things We Learned About Social Media Users’ Charitable Habits

As the #IceBucketChallenge campaign showed us, social media can be a powerful medium for charitable organizations.
However, the precise nature of the relationship between social good and platforms like Facebook and Twitter can often be unclear. Do so…

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Nearly 80% of Pediatricians Use Electronic Health Records

The adoption of electronic health records among pediatricians could be improved by specialty-specific functionalities, a new survey finds. Electronic health records reached nearly 80% of more »

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Coding is The Closest Thing We Have To A Superpower

Coding is a superpower. That’s how Drew Houston aka @drewhouston, creator of DropBox describes coding in this video introducing code.org. Founded by Hadi Partovi aka @hadip, entrepreneur and angel investor. Code.org is a non-profit organization that aims to fight code illiteracy in our schools. Its underpinning belief being that coding, i.e. harnessing technology, is the assurance of a better tomorrow […]

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All of My Gadgets Are Screaming at Me and It’s All My Fault

If you were to send me an email right now, a number of things would happen. My wrist would vibrate. My pocket would vibrate, light up, and make a sound. A pop-up would appear in the corner of my laptop screen. A counter next to a small icon of an enve…

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